Places From Where The Eclipse Is Visible, Blood Moon, And All You Need to Know

New Delhi: It is expected that a Purna Chandra Grahan, or total lunar eclipse, will occur on this year’s Purnima Tithi (Full Moon Night) of Kartik during the Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of the lunar cycle). This year the date falls on November 8 and is the last lunar eclipse for the year.

From several sites in India, one can see the lunar eclipse through the naked eye. It’s noteworthy to note that observers in other regions will be able to watch the partial eclipse, but only the eastern regions of the country will be able to see the full lunar eclipse.

The interesting part of this Lunar eclipse is that the Beaver Blood Moon will be visible from the night sky.

What Is A Blood Moon?

Because of the reddish hue the Full Moon acquires during a total lunar eclipse, it is occasionally referred to as a “Blood Moon.” The phrase is also widely used to refer to four consecutive total lunar eclipses.

When the Moon passes through the umbra of the Earth and prevents any direct sunlight from entering the Moon’s surface, a total lunar eclipse occurs. However, some sunlight still reaches the lunar surface indirectly, via the Earth’s atmosphere, bathing the Moon in a reddish, yellow, or orange glow.

The Moon may seem yellow, orange, or brown during a total lunar eclipse because different portions of the light spectrum are filtered out depending on the makeup of the atmosphere.

Indian Cities Where The Chandra Grahan Will Be First Visible:

Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh will be able to observe the Blood Moon and total lunar eclipse between 4:23 and 7:26 IST. From other cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Gandhinagar, and Srinagar, a partial lunar eclipse can be witnessed.

Facts About The Last Blood Moon:

1. This kind of Lunar eclipse won’t be visible for another three years.

2. As an added bonus, Uranus, which is like a bright star, will be visible barely a finger’s width above the moon.

3. The entire thing will last for nearly one and a half hours as the Earth will pass directly between the moon and Sun.

How To Watch The Last Blood Moon Of The Year Online?

There are various organisations, including NASA, that present live streams and recorded videos of the lunar eclipse. You can easily search for them online. You can also visit NASA’s Dial-a-Moon for a visualization of the eclipse, as per their official website.

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