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Peepal plant: Know its benefits for health


LAST UPDATED: Jan. 14, 2021, 12:52 p.m.

NEW DELHI (DIVYA SAINI): In Ayurveda, peepal tree holds amazing benefits for your overall health. Every part of the plant including leaf, bark, shoot, seeds and fruit has several medicinal benefits. Peepal plant isloaded with glucose, asteriod and mennos, phenolic, vitamin K, tanins and phaetosteroline.Peepal is the storehouse that has cure for many health diseases such as, asthma, skin problems, kidney and treats impure blood.

1 Say Goodbye to Toothache

Barks of peepal is a great remedy for tooth decay. You just need to take barks of the trees in equal and boil the mixture of hot water and use it for rinsing the mouth.

2 No more Eye Pain

Peepal leaves helps to relieve the pain in the eyes. You need to apply the milk of Peepal leaves on the eyes for instant pain relief.

3 Solves Skin problems

The peepal leaves helps to cure the acne and dryness in winters.4 Cracked Heels

Peepal leaves helps to cure the cracked hands and feet and is perfect home remedy tp cure the winter dryness.

5 Great for oxygen

The bark of the Peepal plant is great source of oxygen than is helpful for people suffering from asthma. 6 Cure for stomach pain

Peepal leaves are beneficial for stomach ailments. You need to make a paste of leaves and mixed with  jaggery. You need to have in a very small quantity.7 Relieves constipation 

Peepal plant helps to relieve constipation, you just need to add the leaves of peepal in your daily diet to cure the problem of constipation permanently.

8 Maintains Blood pressure

If you suffer from a high blood pressure, peepal plant is the best home remedy to maintain the high blood pressure

9 Increases blood flow

Peepal plants helps in good blood flow in overall body that is perfect cure for many diseases.

10 Helpful in diabetes

Peepal plant is the ayurvedic medicine that is hepful for people suffering from diabetes.

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