PCR Test For Anyone Landing In Mumbai: 5 Latest Travel Rules

In exceptional cases says the statement, testing may be allowed on arrival at the Mumbai airport.

Those flying to Mumbai must have a negative RT-PCR test taken within 72 hours of the flight, say new rules spurred by the Omicron variant. Maharashtra’s 7-day institutional quarantine for fliers from at-risk countries has been deferred by two days

Here are the top five updates on this big story:

  1. The Mumbai airport has been asked to tell all domestic airlines not to board passengers for Mumbai without a negative RT-PCR test within 72 hours of departure. In exceptional cases like family distress, says the statement, testing may be allowed on arrival at the Mumbai airport.

  2. Deferring the Maharashtra quarantine rules by two days, an official statement said many passengers had already finalised travel plans and many could be on the move. Many could also be in flight and would not be aware of the new rules.

  3. “It is considered necessary to give some time to the passengers from risk countries to plan their travel in view of the Maharashtra government orders. To avoid major inconveniences and also to recast their travel plans, a window of two days will be given to all passengers from risk countries,” the statement said.

  4. India has said that all passengers from risk countries will need to take a self-paid test on arrival. In Maharashtra, all international passengers have to take an RT-PCR test and go into institutional quarantine for 14 days.

  5. Passengers from risk countries also have to take Covid RT-PCR tests on the second, fourth and seventh day after arrival in Maharashtra. If they test positive, then they will be shifted to a hospital for isolation and treatment.

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