Patna Amazon warehouse closed without any advance notice

As per our report Ovation Warehousing KNAW,PATNA has been suspended by the FBA team. I don’t know what was the reason behind this but Amazon FBA team did not give any advance notice to registered sellers about this action.

Due to this their product got unlisted from AMAZON, since last one week all the products of amazon patna FBA sellers are out of stock.

We have spoken to Amazon FBA seller Rohit Mehta, he is one of the well known tech bloggers of India. He had listed his book “Employee to Entrepreneur” on Amazon.

He’s trying to talk to the Amazon team, but no one is taking it seriously.

A tweet has also been sent by him on Twitter about this but no correct reply has been received from Amazon Help account.

Check full tweet :

He told that there are many such sellers of Patna whose stock is stuck, which they are not able to get out because the warehouse staff are asking for money for that too.

We would like to ask the officials of Amazon India if they have any rule to inform their sellers before taking any action.