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Pakistan is scared of India, says Imran Khan

Aug. 30, 2020, 2:25 p.m.

Sanjeev Trivedi, New Delhi: Afraid of FATF, Imran Khan is telling Pakistanis that he is scared of India. 

After exposing the terror conspiracies of Pakistan in India, Imran has started trying to hide his failure on terrorists that India will put Pakistan on the blacklist of FATF by any means.

Imran Khan has said in an interview that India has laid siege on Pakistan over the last two years, it is difficult for Pakistan to escape. If Pakistan goes to FATF then Pakistan will be ruined. Pakistan’s economy will be devastated. Prime Minister Imran Khan is trying to intimidate the people of Pakistan, saying that whatever Iran has had to face, all Pakistanis will also have to face.

In fact, the upper house with a majority of the opposition has rejected two Imran government bills related to the FATF. Therefore, Imran, who is threatening the opposition by taking the name of India, is still searching for excuses after going into the blacklist.

Pakistan’s drama

The FATF is scheduled to meet in October and Pakistan, which is terrified of the blacklist, is also planning to send terrorists to jail. On Friday, the Lahore High Court has shown the trick to punish three dreaded accomplices of Hafiz Saeed. 

A Pakistan court has sentenced three Jamaat-ud-Dawa militants to jail, of which Abdul Rahman Makki, a close aide of Hafiz Saeed, has been sentenced to just one-and-a-half years jail, while Professor Zafar Iqbal and Abdul Salam have been sentenced to 16 years Has been punished They were accused of spreading terrorism and funding.

What is the FATF blacklist?

FATF means putting a country on the gray list means that that country is being warned. In time, he will put a check on money laundering and financial aid to terrorist groups, but even after this warning, if any country does not take that step, then it is put on the blacklist by FATF.

To date Iran and North Korea have been added to this blacklist. If the FATF blacklists Pakistan, then the threat to an already deformed economy will increase further, because there will be no financial help at the international level.

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