Pakistan creating hurdles in Indian power projects, says Union Minister Jitendra Singh

Image Source : FILE The India-Pakistan Indus Water Treaty was finalized in the year 1960.

Pakistan is creating unwanted hurdles in the power projects Kishanganga and Ratle, said Union Minister Jitendra Singh. The minister’s statement comes following the notice issued to Pakistan by India for the modification of the Indus Water Treaty. Speaking to media persons, Singh said, “The India-Pakistan Indus Water Treaty was finalized in the year 1960 and as a result of that treaty, there was an understanding between the two countries India and Pakistan. There would be sharing three of the rivers each. Whereas Jhelum, Chenab and Indus Waters went to the Pakistan’s share and Ravi, Sutlej and Beas were India’s share and this was a very solemn undertaking.”

“It was accomplished at the time when President Mohammad Ayub Khan was at the helm of affairs in Islamabad. But time and again Pakistan has sought to raise some of the other controversies. Now the latest issue is that of the two projects that are coming in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir one of them incidentally comes in my own Lok Sabha constituency in the place called Kishtwar. Now, this is a project called Ratle project,” said Singh.

“It had been stalled for almost a decade by the earlier UPA govt. After tremendous efforts, it was revived and now it is being undertaken as a joint venture between the Centre and the UT govt. On the other hand, the Kishanganga project, now, Pakistan is trying to put out the case as if it is a violation of the Indus Water Treaty which is not so because the Indus Water Treaty gives you the right over the water share but it does not prevent the other country from any activities which are non-consumptive, that does not consume water. So merely the constructing of that project is not going to consume the water of these rivers,” he said.

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