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Oxford Dictionary could not choose ‘word of the year”

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Nov. 24, 2020, 4:12 p.m.

London, (Diksha Kumari): The Coronavirus pandemic has also baffled the Oxford Dictionary. The dictionary has not been able to choose the ‘Word of the Year’ for the volatile corona year. It has released an inventory of words this year rather than Word of the Year stating unmatched 12 months.Oxford Languages, the company that published the Oxford Dictionary, believe that the epidemic has a very strong and widespread impact on the English language. “We have never seen such a year in terms of language,” says President Casper Grathwohl. Every year our team recognizes many new words and their uses, but 2020 has made us silent. It has got too many words which is difficult to choose. In fact, Oxford languages have been choosing English words every year, which has increased widespread of use worldwide. It is chosen from Oxford’s 1100-million-word collection. Till now the terms selfie, wrap, unfriend and toxic have been chosen. Last year it absolutely was Climate Emergency, but 2020 came and therefore the company avoided choosing a term.

“The use of the term coronavirus grew 57,000% this year,” says Catherine Connor Martin, the company’s head of product. The term ‘Coronavirus’ was first used in 1968 and has little use outside of the medical context, but its use increased this year. It surpassed the most frequently used word, time, in April.On US – The term impeachment was prevalent in January due to reports of impeachment President Trump. But in April, the coronavirus was overtaken. At the top of May, the utilization of words like Black Lives Matter, Juneteenth increased. The word ‘Pandemic’ was not being used, at the time.The Word used of ‘Year Climate Emergency’ fell by 50% as the epidemic picked up, last year.According to Catherine- “Words like social distancing or flatten the curve within the epidemic also started be spoken by everyone. Sentences like lockdown and stay-at-home were used a lot”. Earlier words like Remote, Village, Island and Contrail were seen simultaneously, but now learning, working and work forces started appearing together. This year, the words were in awe. Although 2021 will bring more joyful, positive words.

Shadowiness of the Corona:words like work, twindemic, unmute, zoombombing:Corona’s influence on Oxford’s list. This includes anti-waxer (anti-vaccine), anti-masker (anti-mask), anthroposes (global restriction), BC (before Covid-19), Black Lives Matter, Bubble, Covidiate (not following Corona Guideline), Flatten the Curve, Twindemic (two epidemics coming together), operations (working on holidays), unmute (turning on the microphone), are words like zoombombing (infiltrating a VC call).

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