Over 140,000 Ukrainians, 80% of them men, returned home since beginning of Russia’s invasion


Kyiv: More than 140,000 Ukrainians have returned home since the Russia-Ukraine war started on February 24. Of the total people, who have comeback to the crisis-hit country, 80 per cent are men, the Interior Ministry of Ukraine has informed.

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine said only the western section of the state border of Ukraine has been crossed by over 1.050 million people since the beginning of Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Of these, more than 900,000 people went to leave the country – almost 764,000 citizens of Ukraine and about 137,000 foreigners. 

“At the same time, 143,000 of our compatriots arrived to enter Ukraine, 80% of them are men,” the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine said.

Border guards also provided clearance for 2,450 vehicles with humanitarian aid from abroad.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine began on February 24 soon after Russian President Vladimir Putin had announced “special military operation”. Bombardments and shelling were reported at several locations across Ukraine.

The Russian troops also indiscriminately targeted Ukrainian civilian areas and other crowded places. 

first published:March 6, 2022, 10:59 p.m.

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