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Opposition indulging in false narratives on Central Vista Project, says Hardeep Singh Puri

Urban affairs minister Hardeep Puri has criticised the opposition for its ‘false narrative’ around Central Vista and Parliament House building projects.

“A false narrative is being created around Central Vista project. It is being said that the government is spending ₹20,000 crore on construction of ‘Modi Mahal’ during pandemic. That it is a vanity project, which means the government is spending money where it is not required. We do not know where this figure of ₹20,000 crore is coming from. Two projects have been initiated – new Parliament building project for ₹862 crore and the Central Vista project for ₹477 crore. This is just about ₹1,300 crore.”

Puri said that the need for a new Parliament building was felt during the UPA regime. Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar’s OSD had written in 2012 to then housing secretary for a new building to house Parliament. “Now a false narrative is being created by my political colleague Jairam Ramesh. He had written an article in a newspaper in 2012 saying ‘we badly need a new Parliament building as this one isn’t functional and is outdated’. These projects are not conceptualised now. These were done before our time.”

The minister said there was no relationship between vaccination and the two infrastructure projects. “For vaccination, finance minister has already earmarked ₹35,000 crore in the budget. If more is needed, it will be earmarked. What is the relation between that and these two projects? In Maharashtra, a new secretariat is being constructed and a new MLA hostel for ₹900 crore is being built. That is not unnecessary? When Parliament seats are increased in 2026 delimitation exercise, what we will do? Seat MPs in bunk seating?”

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