Operate 3 phone numbers without inserting SIM card! Know how

Operate 3 phone numbers without inserting SIM card! Know how

New Delhi: Ever since smartphones has launched, many things have changed. From the display of the phone to the battery, a lot has changed. Similarly, SIM cards have also been developed and gradually we have moved towards e-SIM as well. The way of using SIM card in the phone has changed to a great extent in the recent times. Many companies are turning to e-SIM instead of physical SIM card.

As everyone knows that gradually companies like Samsung, Apple and Google are changing the SIM slot of the phone, so it would not be wrong to say that soon the physical SIM slot can be said goodbye. However, these are only speculations. But now Android is about to do an awesome. Because multiple enabled profiles (MEP) can be given in the new version of Android. This is a feature through which three numbers can be played in one phone. how that? Let us also tell you this.

According to a report, Multiple Enable Profile (MEP) is being tested in Android 13. With the help of this, multiple profiles can be played or activated on the same e-SIM card. If you do not understand, then let us explain in a little easier language. When Multiple Enabled Profile (MEP) is given in Android 13, through this you will be able to run the SIM of two telecom companies in the same MEP and that too without any hassle. This means that your phone will have one physical SIM slot and two e-SIM.

If you do not know what an e-SIM is, then let us tell you that it is an embedded subscriber identity module that works in virtually any phone. It is a software based SIM. The Android 13 update can be given in the stable version in the month of July.

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first published:April 7, 2022, 1:02 p.m.

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