Omicron: Change Of Nail Colour Is Also A Symptom Variant

Omicron: Change Of Nail Colour Is Also A Symptom Variant

Covid-19: The speed of the Omicron variant is rapid even when you consider the world. Cold and cough are the most common symptoms but different symptoms are being noticed. If you get these you should immediately get yourself tested for Covid.

To protect oneself from Omicron, it is necessary to have full information about its symptoms. 

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Beware of these symptoms of the Omicron Variant:

  • Many types of symptoms are seen in people infected with Omicron. At the same time, a new symptom of this variant is changing the colour of the nails. If the colour of the nails of your hands and feet has turned into grey, blue, yellow then you should immediately get yourself tested for Covid. The blue, grey and yellow colour of the nails indicates the lack of oxygen. There is a lack of oxygen in the blood during Covid. Therefore, it is necessary to get tested as soon as this symptom appears.
  • If you experience sore throat and pain or if you are having difficulty in breathing, you should get a Covid test done. People should not misunderstand it for the normal flu.
  • If you are feeling tired and feel sleepy constantly, then this too is a symptom of Omicron. Instead of ignoring it, you should go for a test.
  • If you find yourself complaining of muscular pain, then please do not ignore it, in fact in such a case you should get your Covid test done as it can be a symptom too.


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