Omicron Alert: Don’t Ignore These 14 Symptoms Of The New Strain. Details Here

Omicron Alert: Don't Ignore These 14 Symptoms Of The New Strain. Details Here

New Delhi: Due to the new Covid variant, Omicron, there has been a surge in cases all over the world. This variant is also said to be responsible for the third wave of Covid-19.

India has reported 3.37 lakh Covid cases over the last 24 hours on Saturday. With 2.42 lakh patients recovering, the active caseload of the country stood at 21,13,365. The Omicron count also reached 10,050 in the same time period.  

Amid this ongoing spike in cases, it is to be noted that the Omicron variant affects the upper part of the body, according to health experts.

The new strain causes mild symptoms in the patient and less damage to the lungs. The only way to avoid it is to strengthen immunity and have the right information about its symptoms so as to prevent it from spreading. Read on to know the symptoms of Omicron here. 

14 Symptoms of Omicron 

There are early 14 symptoms of Omicron such as runny nose, headache, fatigue, sneezing, sore throat, persistent cough, hoarse voice, chills or tremors, fever, dizziness, brain fog, muscle pain, lack of smell and chest pain. On the other hand, patients infected with Omicron have complained of a sore throat that is a bit unusual and has not been seen before. So if you are facing sore throat problem, do not take it lightly.

How to protect yourself from Covid-19 

Follow Covid protocols to avoid contracting the virus. At the same time, do not take any Covid-related symptoms lightly. Wear a mask before leaving the house and maintain social distance at all times.

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