Numerology Horoscope 28th April: Know the prediction about your career and love life

New Delhi: Looking forward to a new day? If you are someone who believes in the power of numerology, then we have renowned Astro-numerologists Karishma Kaushik to predict what’s in store for you today. Today is April 28, 2022 and if today’s date is added 28+4+2022= 2 digit day will be there. Two numbers are related to the Moon.

Radix 1-

Sun is the lord of your number, today will be a mixed day for you. There will be a change in the field of career.

Be careful in your financial situation.

Love relationship- The family will get support. The day will be favorable in terms of love affairs.

Health – The day will be good for your health.

Lucky color – Orange

Remedy -Worship the moon

Radix 2-

You will have a great day.

There will be gains in career and business.

The work will be stopped. Love Relationship – There will be harmony between family members and friends.

Money- Today you will get success in your financial situations. The day will be stress-free.

Health- There will be good changes in health.

Lucky color- green

Remedy- Worship Lord Shiva.

Radix 3 –

Career- There will be a new success in the field. Today you can take decisions in important matters. Hard work will get enough results.

Money- There will be financial gain

Love Relationship- You will get benefits in a love relationship.

Health – health will be normal

Lucky color- yellow

Remedy- Feed banana to the monkey.

Radix 4-

Career – Today new successes will come in your life. You will get favorable results in the workplace.

Money- Do not do unnecessary transactions, otherwise money may be lost.

Love Relationship – There will be an atmosphere of happiness in family and married life. Students can get good signs today.

Health- Health will be good.

Lucky color- Mehroon

Remedy – Feed the pigeons.

Radix 5-

CareerHard work is required in the workplace. Students need to work hard. Do not take important decisions today.

Financial conditions will be favorable

Love Relationship- There is a possibility of a rift with someone in the family.

Health- You can go on a journey, but be careful.

Lucky color- green

Remedy- Give green fodder in the cowshed.

Radix 6-

Career – Today will be normal. You will get profit in job and business.

Money – There will be profit in financial situation, do not do unnecessary transactions of money.

Love relationship-There is a possibility of discord in the family, so control your speech. You can meet your friend. There is a possibility of discord in love relations.

Health- You will feel tired in the body, take care of health.

Lucky color – white

Remedy- Donate sugar.

Radix 7-

Career -Today will be an important day. Today new plans can start new work. You can go on a trip in business related matters.

Money- Withheld money will come back.

Love Relationship- There will be sweetness in married life.

Health- Change of weather can affect health, so take care of your health.

Lucky color – gray

Remedy – Donate whole grains.

Radix 8-

Career – You will get success in the field of work.

Money – There is a possibility of making money.

Love Relationship-Family will be supportive. There will be sweetness in married life. Good news can come from the child side.

HEALTH-Health will be good today, take care of food and drink.

Lucky color – blue

Remedy – Donate black lentils.

Radix 9-

Career -Kadam will remain in the baggage and will start work on the plans. New opportunities can be found in business.

Money- The economic situation will be favorable

Love Relationship-You can go on a trip with a friend. Stay away from controversies. The day will be good in terms of love affair.

Heath- Stress can arise.

Lucky color – red

Remedy – Worship Hanuman ji

first published:April 28, 2022, 12:06 a.m.

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