Now villages will internet services, know this grand plan by govt

New Delhi: The government has prepared a comprehensive program to boost internet connectivity in rural areas.

Rural youth will have full responsibility for the maintenance and monitoring of internet service in villages. One lakh rural youth will be trained for this work.

The Common Service Center (CSC) working under the IT Ministry and the Telecom Sector Skill Council have signed an agreement for the training of these youths. Rural entrepreneurs associated with CSC will also be given training for internet service. The youth to be trained will be given the task of looking after the optical fiber being laid in rural areas.

This will provide employment opportunity to rural youth at their village level itself. One of the benefits of training rural youth will also be that people in rural areas will continue to get uninterrupted internet speed. If there is a problem in the internet connection, only these youths of the village will fix it. 

The work of training the villagers will be done through the Common Service Center Academy. Apart from teaching various types of repair work related to optical fiber to the youth, they will be given training on its utility, laying it and providing internet through it.

Thousands of villagers are working to maintain BharatNet

At present, more than 10,000 villagers are working to maintain BharatNet through Common Service Centers. 

Giving information about this training program, Sanjay Kumar Rakesh, CEO, CSC said, “through this agreement, we want to create a team of skilled youth among the village level entrepreneurs and rural youth in the village, which will give momentum to the BharatNet program.”

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