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Not an early riser? You will become one after reading THESE benefits of waking up early

Nov. 28, 2020, 4:11 p.m.

NEW DELHI (DIVYA SAINI): When you wake up early in the morning it helps you in many way to plan your day accordingly. It helps you to follow up the tasks you made the list of previous day. You feel energized and happy if you go to bed early and therefor rise early. It helps you give much time in the morning to begin your day. If you don’t know the benefits of rising early you should know it now.

1 More energy

If you sleep Better you get more energy for the next day. And who rise early usually sleep early at night. Its said that when we sleep muscles get relaxed, blood flow increases, blood pressure lowers and body temperature drops due to which growth hormones get released which helps in many development. Development leads to more energy and benefits for long term.

2 Well organized Routine

Many of us sleep after planning what we are going to do the next day when we will rise. But if we don’t wake up at time we fail to follow a well organized routine we planned which leads to missing of lunch or say breakfast. But if we wake up early first of all it will not create a stress and we will be able to work all day long without any worries.

3 Time for Breakfast

Many people miss their breakfast because they wake up at the time of Lunch. But according to doctors we should never miss the breakfast and should have it by 10 AM which will help us stay healthy and will also help to boost up our immunity system.

4 Better concentration

According to science, a person who wakes up early is more focused than a late riser. If we wake up early in the morning we have enough time to think about what we are going to do the rest of the day which keeps us focused.

5 Relieves stress

When a person wakes up early in the morning, he gets time to work on his activities and not rush in the morning. It brings positivity and reduces stress. If you perform yoga or exercise in morning it removes toxins from body which helps you live stress free.

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