Nikhil Jain responds to Nusrat Jahan’s statement on ‘invalid’ marriage, says ‘filed for annulment’

New Delhi: Amidst speculations regarding her split with husband Nikhil Jain  actor-turned-politician Nusrat Jahan has finally broken her silence on Wednesday. The actress and TMC MP has released a statement revealing that her marriage with Nikhil Jain is not valid in India. 

On Wednesday, the MP issued a statement and without taking any name, she clarified that she won’t require a divorce as the marriage was never validated under the Special Marriage Act. In 2019, the duo tied the knot in Turkey as per Turkish Marriage Regulation. But in India for an interfaith marriage to accepted, it requires validation under the Special Marriage Act which, according to Nusrat, never happened. So, it was a live-in relationship, which ended a long time ago, she said.

 According to India Today, Nikhil Jain revealed that he has filed for an annulment in Kolkata while he refused to comment further on the matter as the case is in court. He said, “These are legalities, I don’t really want to comment on anything she’s said because the matter is sub judice in court. I have filed a civil suit in Kolkata and I will not comment on it till it is in court.” Nikhil later clarifies that he has filed for an annulment in Kolkata and that they have been separated since November 2020. “I have filed for an annulment in Kolkata, we have been separated since November last year,” Nikhil concludes.

Earlier In a long statement, Nusrat has accused Nikhil of withdrawing money from her bank accounts illegally, even after the separation. The MP also said her clothes, bags, accessories are still with Nikhil’s family. Even all the family jewellery that was gifted to Nusrat by her parents, friends and other family members are “illegally” held back by Nikhil’s family. “Being rich does not always give a man the right to act as a victim and belittle the woman alone in this society. I have made my own identity by my sheer hard work; thus I would not allow anyone not related to me to share the limelight or a title or followers, based on my identity,” the MP said.

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