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News24 Manthan 2021: Opposition misleading farmers, says Nitin Gadkari … Watch Video

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New Delhi: Union Minister of Roads and Transport Nitin Gadkari said at News24 Manthan 2021 on Wednesday that the opposition parties are trying to mislead the farmers over the agricultural laws.

“f all the people in the country decide their own prices then why not give this right to the farmers? Farmers are being misled, because contract farming is the same as if you travel by hiring a taxi but do you own it?” Nitin Gadkari said.

“The issues over which the farmers’ movement is taking place needs to be discussed very clearly. In the three bills that the government has passed, there is nothing against the farmers. Why should the farmer not be given the right to fix the price of his goods? I am also a farmer and earlier I brought my vegetable and sold it in the mandis and the middlemen used to take 8 percent commission there. But now I have a market in Rana Pratap Nagar Chowk in Nagpur and sell it there. I also saved commission here and get more price,” he added. 

“.An attempt is being made to mislead farmers by taking the names of Adani and Ambani, but I have come from Vidarbha, where 10,000 farmers have committed suicide. Today the condition of farmers is very bad. He has no money to prepare the land, compost and seed. The land is lying barren. If someone comes and says that I will give you one and a half lakh rupees of 10 acres and I will prepare the land, will the farmers not benefit in this?”

Know what Nitin Gadkari said at News24 Manthan 2021:


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