New Delhi [India], October 14 (ANI): Delhi’s Kathputli Colony which is home to 2,800-odd families of puppeteers, magicians and acrobats, is struggling to make ends meet as COVID-19 restrictions on social gatherings and celebrations continue.

Speaking to ANI, Raj Khan, a magician living in the Kathputli colony on Wednesday said, “Our work came to a grinding halt after COVID-19 hit the country. We have no work and there are virtually no alternate jobs for uneducated artists like me.”

“It is very hard to even arrange food for our families. We are living in a dire situation. We are not going to get relief till these restrictions continue,” Khan added.

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Vijay Maitri, a social entrepreneur working in the colony, said that they have set up a team of 70 people who raised funds and distributed ration including other basic commodities among people during this difficult situation.

“In the initial days of COVID, artists living in this colony were even unable to arrange food. So, we set up a team of 70 people, raised funds and distributed ration including other basic commodities among people,” Maitri said.

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In a bid to help the performers during the Covid pandemic, the social entrepreneur trained artists and conducted shows to find them new avenues to performs.

“We started training artists to help them find new avenues to perform, including online performance. We have conducted 10 shows so far. We also trained many artists to make gift items and home decor items,” he added. (ANI)


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