New Year’s: No plans of stepping outside? 5 things to do all by yourself at home

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New Year’s is upon us. While many of us are busy making plans for a party with friends and family, there are some of us who do not wish to step out of our house for some reason or the other. Bear in mind that COVID-19 variants are also making a comeback. Some of us may be alone during this time and even though being around people may seem like the best option, here are a few activities that you can do indoors all by yourself. Remember, spending alone time can always be better than surrounding yourself with people if you know what to do.

Make a cocktail

Drinking can be fun at home. Buy some ingredients for a cocktail, learn a recipe and indulge yourself a bit this New Year’s. If you are not a drinker, then opt for a mocktail, which is equally fun.

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There must be a show that you must be willing to watch for a long time and haven’t got the time yet. On New Year’s eve, get down to it and start watching that title.

Catch up on sleep

While the world is out partying, it is not the worst thing to catch up on the much-needed shut-eye. You will wake up refreshed and charged for 2023.

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Cooking is a good activity to indulge in on New Year’s eve. Try out that delicious recipe that you wanted to try or like and treat yourself to it till your heart is content. You can save the leftovers and invite friends over at a later time.

Plan ahead

Alone time is best to make plans for the future. If you are sitting out a New Year’s eve party, then make plans for your next getaway or a party that you can throw.

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