New TVS Zepplin R Cruiser to get launched with Apache Engine?

New Delhi: TVS has never introduced a cruiser. The company has achieved great success with mopeds, scooters, riders, and street motorcycles. Unlike Bajaj which offers boaters like the Avenger series, TVS has no cruiser on offer. But that is likely to change soon.

TVS has unveiled a cruiser concept at the 2018 Auto Expo called Zeppelin. It was a very good looking motorcycle with a high-tech mild-hybrid powertrain. The modern concept of cruiser has created much talk in the Indian automotive industry.

It was back in the news in 2020, when TVS sold the name Zepplin R in India. But TVS was overshadowed by the enthusiasm of the fun lovers earlier this year when it said Zeppelin was not intended for production. New TVS Zepplin R Cruiser Interestingly the name of the concept revealed back in 2018, was Zeppelin while the name registered by TVS in 2020 is Zepplin R. There is a slight difference in the spelling, with the addition of R added.

Technically, TVS said no to Zeppelin, but they said nothing about Zepplin R. A new report suggests that TVS is preparing to launch Zepplin R soon! If these rumors are true, TVS has done a commendable job of staying under the radar. We say this because the motorcycle has never been tested on the road. With so many people like India, no one has ever tested Zepplin tested on a public road, yet.

There was a TVS test bike test that was tested some time back. But that was more than a rival of the Yamaha FZX, not a cruiser. The new TVS Zepplin R Cruiser Zepplin R is named after a German aircraft used for strategic air raids under the German Second and Third Reich. TVS first showcased the motorcycle at the 2018 Auto Expo and it was an attractive design.

The motorcycle has a low-slung cruiser form factor with one-step seat. But unlike ordinary cruise ships with handles that are easily accessible to the passenger, the Zepplin R has a flat and wide handle. This gives the ride a slightly more sporty ride. On the front, it has a hexagonal headlight assembly and integrated LED DRLs that inspire the future. The anterior fascia is also enlarged with USD forks finished in gold. Specs and Launch The Zepplin R gets phone-talking wheels on both ends completed in black. It also gets one disc in both ends and dual-channel ABS.

We also recommended a beefy oil cooling system and a large bash plate that protects the engine. The concept was completed with a darker shade and we can expect more color options when TVS introduces a motorcycle. New TVS Zepplin R Cruiser This concept is powered by a 220 cc single-cylinder petrol engine powered by a mild-hybrid system that helps power back with a 48V Li-ion battery.

The engine attaches to the rear wheels with a belt that helps with reliability and minimal maintenance. TVS has not made any official announcements regarding the launch of the Zepplin R. But if the rumors are true, TVS will likely abandon the 220 cc soft hybrid engine to harvest the engine of the Apache series.

TVS can integrate it with a 200 cc engine from the Apache RTR 200 4V and compare it to the Bajaj Avenger series or the Suzuki Intruder. Alternatively, TVS may combine the upcoming motorcycle with a 312 cc engine from the Apache RR310 and compare it to 350cc motorcycles from the Royal Enfield stables, Honda H’ness CB350, Java motorcycles and Yezdi motorcycles.

The latter makes more sense than the previous ones as retro-classic motorcycles with a power of about 300 cc are all the rage in India right now. If there is a good price, we can expect Zepplin R to be the most powerful product in the Indian market.

first published:June 7, 2022, 7:29 p.m.

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