Netflix teases its 2022 lineup, heavy with sci-fi and fantasy

Lovers of fantasy and sci-fi television will have plenty of new shows to stream on Netflix next year.

Netflix Inc.

announced its 2022 lineup on Tuesday, including new seasons of “Stranger Things” and “The Umbrella Academy.”

The anticipated fourth season of “Stranger Things” will premiere in the summer, though Netflix didn’t give an exact date. The show, one of the streaming giant’s biggest breakout hits, has led to numerous merchandise tie-ins, including “Stranger Things” sneakers by Nike Inc.
limited edition Coca-Cola Co.

cans and special boxes of Cheerios, Lucky Charms and other General Mills Inc.


Other shows returning next year include a third season of “Locke & Key,” the fantasy-horror drama; a second season of “Alice in Borderland,” based on a graphic novel of the same name; and a third season of the superhero saga “The Umbrella Academy.”

New series coming in 2022 include an animated one based on Hasbro Inc.’s

Magic: The Gathering card game; “The Midnight Club,” based on horror books by author Christopher Pike ; and a show adapted from videogame franchise “Resident Evil.”

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