Netflix cancels ‘Bahubali’ series worth hundred crores, know the big reason here

New Delhi: First Kareena Kapoor Khan turned down the script of the film ‘Ratnavati’. Then, Aamir Khan did not see the script in the Hindi remake of ‘Vikram Vedha’ and now Netflix has dumped all the episodes of ‘Bahubali – Before the Beginning’. One of the reasons is the writing of these films and series is not of the level that was expected. ‘Bahubali – Before the Beginning’ is a series based on Anand Neelkanthan’s novel The Rise of Sivagami. The series was to be released in April last year.

The complete cancellation of the web series ‘Bahubali: Before the Beginning’ has brought a storm, amid the stir in the OTT industry since the introduction of OTT rules. According to the information, Netflix had spent nearly a hundred crores on making nine episodes of this series, but irrespective of the money, Netflix has asked the makers of the series to recreate it. The reason is that this series is not made like the people of Netflix wanted for the Hindi belt.

Anyone who has read the novel The Rise of Shivagami, written by Anand Neelkanthan, has been desperate to read it in one breath from beginning to end. This story from Shivgami’s childhood to becoming the queen of Mahishmati in the films of the ‘Bahubali’ series is amazing. Netflix entrusted the responsibility of writing a series of nine episodes on the novel to the director of these films, SS Rajamouli. Netflix expects its subscriber base to grow by leaps and bounds from the Hindi version of the series, but OTT sources reveal that the Hindi version of the series shot in Hyderabad was found to be the weakest.

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Anand Neelkanthan, who wrote the novel ‘The Rise of Sivagami’, was also not happy with the Hindi version of the series on his novel. He also expressed dissatisfaction at an informal meeting. He believed that the original writing of the ‘Bahubali’ series films was so powerful that anyone could translate these dialogues into Hindi.

However, during the shooting of ‘The Rise of Sivagami’, it is said that writers of every language were given the same script and had to write their own dialogues. The review of all these episodes was completed by the Netflix team around the month of September last year. And then it was decided that the series of films of the ‘Bahubali’ series should also be accounted for accordingly. Now it has been decided that this series will be made on double the budget already and its entire writing will also be renewed.

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