NEP doesn’t weaken the reservations in educational institutions, says ‘Nishank’


LAST UPDATED: Dec. 2, 2020, 5:10 p.m.

NEW DELHI (DIVYA SAINI): The new National Education Policy (NEP) will not dilute provisions of reservation in educational institutions enshrined in the Constitution, said Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’.

 The union education minister said that there will be successful ongoing programmes and policies with new efforts to bring educational inclusion of reservation categories like SCs, STs, OBCs, pWd and economic weaker sections.

“Some of my political friends have been raising doubts that the National Education Policy, 2020, may dilute the provisions of reservation in the educational space of the country. I would like to clarify with all authority in my command that there is no such intention, as is clearly reflected in NEP. The policy affirms by the constitutional mandate of reservation enshrined in Article 15 and Article 16 of the Indian Constitution,” Said Nishank.

“I think it does not need any further reiteration of provisions of reservation in the policy which is already working within the framework of the Indian Constitution. It is difficult to understand the meaning of raising apprehensions after 4-5 months of the declaration of NEP, that too without any fact to support,” he added.

 The minister said that “various entrance examinations like JEE, NEET, UGC-NET, IGNOU were organized after the declaration of NEP, 2020 and many appointment processes were also held in educational institutions, but no complaints of dilution of reservation provision have been received so far.”

 “As we know the NEP-2020 emerged and evolved from rigorous consultations of all the stakeholders’ students, teachers, parents, educational administrators, educationist, non-teaching staff and society as a whole, through grassroots consultations from village level to state level, zonal and national level consultations, thematic expert consultations, scrutiny of various committees. That is why this NEP has emerged as a sensitive commitment for educational inclusion of all the groups of our society,” he added.

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