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Neeta Ambani reveals reaction at first meeting with husband Mukesh Ambani

Nov. 2, 2020, 4:08 p.m.

Mumbai: Neeta Ambani is turned 57 on November 1.

She was born in a middle-class family in Mumbai on November 1, 1964.It would be highly interesting to know the love story of Mukesh and Neeta Ambani. They have had a filmy love story.Here are some interesting tales related to her life:Tina Ambani as shared some unseen pictures with Neeta Ambani on her birthday and has penned a heartwarming wish on Instagram.Mukesh and Neeta Ambani had a love marraige. When middle-class girl Neeta went to meet her would be husband, she was surprised.A simple boy wearing white shirt and black pant opened the gate and guess who was he? That simple boy was none other than Mukesh Ambani.It was a shock for Neeta as she could not understand how such a rich man could be so simple.Neeta had special interest in music and dancing. She had to perform in a Navratri’s cultural programme and in the same programme Mukesh’s father Dheerubhai Ambani and Mother Kokilaben were present.They loved Neeta’s dance performance and chose her as Mukesh’s would-be wife and their future daughter-in-law.After that night Dheerubhai Ambani called Neeta and her father to his office.Dheeru asked many questions to Neeta and also asked whether she will like to meet Mukesh.Then he called Neeta at his home to meet Mukesh. It is just like a film story that when Neeta came to meet Mukesh, a person wearing white shirt and black pant opened the gate. He extended his hand towards Neeta and said “Hi, I am Mukesh”.Neeta’s could not believe that such a big person was standing in front of her. She decided she will say anything only after completing her education.Once Neeta and Mukesh were travelling to Pedar road by car. It was about to 7.30 in the evening and thee was a massive traffic jam.When the car stopped at a signal Mukesh asked Neeta, “Will you marry me?” in a filmy style.Definitely, it was a lovely proposal for Neeta, she blushed and let her face down. She said Mukesh to drive the car because the signal had turned green and the other cars were honking from behind. But Mukesh decided said, “I won’t drive the car till when I’m getting my answer.”His car was blocking the road and by hearing noisy horn blows Neeta said- Yes , “I will”, “I will”.After this love proposal, Neeta said Mukesh to stop the car after they came out of traffic. When the car stopped and both of them came out from the car, Neeta said to Mukesh that how it could be possible – You are too rich and I belong from a middle-class family. I am poor. If you have to marry me then you have to live that simple life of which I’m used too. You have to travel by bus as I do. Mukesh immediately said – Yes to her and after they went to Juhu by Bus sitting on the front seat of the bus.Neeta got impressed by seeing his behaviour and started liking him.Many years ago in an interview, Neeta told that she put a challenge in front of Mukesh that- I will marry you only if you permit me to teach in a school. Mukesh respected her decision and said “Yes”. Neeta continued to teach in the private schools even when she became a daughter-in-law of the richest family of India.Mukesh and Neeta have 3 children, Akash, Isha and Anant Ambani. Isha and Akash are married but Anant is still unmarried.Neeta and her mother-in-law Kokilaben both live together in her Antilia. There is a special bond between both Neeta and Kokila. It is said Radhika Merchant is going to be the bride of their younger son Anant Ambani, but the date of marriage is not decided yet.

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