Neem leaves are magical, know their benefits here

New Delhi: Neem, rich in antibiotic elements, is undoubtedly bitter but is very beneficial for health. Neem is commonly used in wounds and skin diseases, but apart from that, neem has innumerable benefits. It has been used as a medicine for centuries and is also used in making hundreds of medicines. Vitamin-C is found in neem leaves, which is effective in removing stains of your skin. Neem is also effective in solving many other problems. 

Boosts Immunity:

Boosting immunity is very important in the Corona era, to increase immunity, crush some neem leaves and drink them with a glass of water, your immune system will remain healthy.

Skin burns:

If your hand gets burnt while cooking, do not worry, grind neem leaves and apply them on the burnt area immediately, the skin will get cool instantly.

Hair fall:

Boil neem leaves in water and let them cool down. By washing the head with this water, your hair will become strong, hair fall will stop.

Hair lice:

Applying ground neem seeds or washing the head with a decoction of neem leaves kills hair lice and nits.


Grind an equal quantity of neem leaves and carom seeds. Applying it to the temples stops the bleeding.

Ear wound:

If there is any kind of pain in your ear, then mix neem juice and some honey and apply it to the wounded area, you will get relief from pain instantly.


Neem and lemon are very effective remedies for toothache. Make a paste by grinding neem leaves and adding a few drops of lemon to it and apply on your teeth. You will get rid of toothache with this paste.

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