NCB nabs doctor for selling drugs to Bollywood actors

Deepak Dubey, Mumbai: Every day new revelations are being made by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) along with big arrests one after the other.

The team of Samir Wankhede, Zonal Director, Mumbai Narcotics Control Bureau has got a big success. NCB team has busted another big bakery which was making cakes out of drugs and providing them to Bollywood celebrities.

After the arrest of big drug mafia, drug peddlers, Bollywood celebrities, now on the radar of Narcotics Control Bureau, such a psychologist (psychiatrist) doctor has seized 10 kg of hashish brownie from his possession. The name of this 25-year-old doctor is Rahmi Charmiya. Rahmi used to make drug cakes and supply them to his very close circle in Mazgaon area of South Mumbai.

According to Sameer Wankhede, Zonal Director of Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), 10 kg hashish brownie has been recovered from it. He was involved in this scam since his college studies before becoming a doctor. The accused was impressed after watching the web series related to drugs and started selling cakes of drugs. It used to make and sell three types of cakes. The accused used to work in a reputed hospital in Mumbai.

It is worth noting that the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) had earlier also arrested the accused while busting India’s first cake drugs, this action was done in Malad area where the complete setup of the bakery was prepared in a flat where cakes containing ganja were made. was being supplied.

What NCB has done in this case, here the cake containing drugs was being prepared in three ways.

First: Rambo Cake

This cake which used to made with a mix of hashish, ganja and charas.

Second: Hash Brownie

This cake was made from hashish.

Third: Pot Brownie

It was a cake made from weed

NCB has also recovered 350 grams of opium and 1 lakh 7 thousand cash from the house of this doctor named Rahmi Charmiya. According to NCB sources, the receipt of brownie hashish in the quantity of 10 kg seems that it was to be delivered at a celebrity party on a large scale.

The NCB has also come to know in the investigation that it used to supply drugs to private parties and celebrity parties.

In total 2 secret operations, 3 people have been arrested by NCB, including a Nigerian who used to supply cocaine living in Nalasopara area adjacent to Mumbai. On the other hand, the name of the second arrested person is Ramzan Sheikh, who used to supply weed and hashish from local paddlers to Dr Rahmi in South Mumbai itself.

At the same time, Nigerian National Emeka Ogboma alias Micheal used to supply cocaine to the nearby area living in Nalasopara area adjacent to Mumbai. He used to work from here for his gang member from South Africa.

This drug used to come directly to it from Nigeria. In the investigation, NCB has come to know that different types of drugs coming to it. The consignment used to come from South America, Peru, Brazil.

NCB is now interrogating the arrested Dr Rahmi to investigate how many of its clients were there to whom it used to supply drugged cakes and most importantly, who are the Bollywood clients who used to buy cakes containing drugs from it. .

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