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Navaratri 2020: Maa Brahmacharini Puja On Day 2; Know Today’s Important Colour, Rituals, Mantra & More

Navratri Day 2: Today is the second day of Navratri and it will be observed with the worship of Goddess Brahmacharini who is the second form of NavDurga. The nine-day long celebration of goddess Durga’s manifestations will conclude on October 25, Sunday. ALSO READ | Horoscope Today, 18 October: Good Signs For Scorpio And Leo Today; Check What’s In Store For Your Sun Sign

Goddess Brahmacharini is the unmarried form of  Goddess Parvati as a great Sati. She served hard penance to get Lord Shiva as her husband. Because of this, she was also called Brahmacharini, Aparna and Uma.

The Goddess is known as the symbol of love, loyalty, wisdom, and knowledge. She is believed to give good fortune and remove all the obstacles from one’s life.

Today’s colour of significance is Orange as it is considered to be a colour depicting energy and happiness.

Rituals For Puja

Akshat, roli, laddo, milk, curd, sugar, honey, paan and supari and Jasmine flowers are offered to the Goddess on a thali. Devotees put sandalwood tilak on the deity. For bhog sugar, mishri and Panchamrit are offered. Then the aarti is performed.

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Om Devi Brahmacharinyai Namaj

Om Devi Brahmcharinyai Namah Dadhaanaa Kar

Padmaabhyaamakshmala Kamandaloo

Devi Prasidatu Mayi Brahmcharinyanuttamaa

2. Ya devi sarvabhuteu maa brahmacharii rupea sansthita

Namastasyai namastasyai namastasyai namo namah

Dadhana kara padmabhyama akamala kamaalu

Devi prasidatu maa brahmachariyanuttama

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