National Equestrian Championship: Dhriti Wadhwa bags top podium spot in grade 3 fault and out


Mumbai: On Sunday, the first two set of competitions of the National Equestrian Championship took place at Amateur Riders’ Club, Mahalakshmi, Mumbai under the aegis of EFI.

The first competition was held comprised of the athletes participating in NEC Novice Fault & Out in which Lt. Col. Arjun Patil of 61 Cavalry secured the top position while riding on Vladimir and finished his rounds in 75 seconds by achieving 22 score points. The second and third positions were held by Kunal Malik and Shaurya Rai while riding on their horses Chrispin 14 and Scotch. As they finished their rounds in 74 and 78 seconds by securing 20 score points each.

The second competition was for the players registered for Grade III Fault and Out, where Dhriti Wadhwa took the top-podium finish as she finished her rounds in 78 seconds while riding on Connor by securing 20 score points.

The second and third positions were held by Nitin Gupta and Krish Agarwal. They rode on their horses Hanna and Choubie De L’ermitage and finished their rounds in 78 and 75 seconds by achieving 19 and 18 score points. 

first published:Feb. 1, 2022, 4:59 a.m.

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