National Best Friends Day 2022: History and significance of the occasion; quotes, wishes, status to share

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National Best Friends Day is celebrated on June 8 in the US

National Best Friends Day 2022: All of us have special people in our lives who we call friends. Although they are not family, their contribution to shaping our character and lives is unparalleled. Best friends help to carry us through our lives and become our support system through the thick and thin. On June 8 is National Best Friends Day, which is celebrated majorly in the US. Nonetheless, you can call up or message a best friend on this occasion, reminding them of their importance in your life.

History of National Best Friends Day

It is believed that people in the US started celebrating National Best Friends Day in 1935. This day is popular among the younger generation, as they meet their friends and celebrate the day by making fun and frolicking.

Significance of National Best Friends Day

Only some of the friends in our lives become our best friends. We share our secrets with them and they are inseparable from us. Anything major or minor happening in our lives should be and is known to our best friends and on National Best Friends Day we can express our appreciation towards them. We can also surprise our best friends with gifts on this occasion to make them feel all the more special. You can also engage on social media and make your friendship with those special ones known to the world.

Quotes and Wishes to share on National Best Friends Day

— ‘Thank you for offering a shoulder to cry and then taking me out for food just to cheer me up. Happy National Best Friends Day.’

— ‘Friends should be like books, few, but hand-selected.’

— ‘Cheers to the nights that turned into mornings with friends that turned into family. You are my Best Friend and will always be.’

— ‘ You are basically like a sibling that God forgot to give me. Happy National Best Friends Day.’

— ‘True friendship is something that lights up your darkest days. Hold on to it, because best friends will always be there for you, no matter what you do or say.’

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