Mysterious cyber criminal wreaks havoc in Ahmedabad’s most prestigious school

New Delhi: For the past seven months, an unknown cyber criminal has become a headache for the cyber crime branch of Ahmedabad. According to sources, the criminal openly threatens the school to send indecent threatening mail and stops the school examinations but no one has so far been able to control him. All the boundaries  were crossed on Wednesday when he disrupted the online class of the school and flashed the morphed images of the girls. The indecency is taking place at Ahmedabad’s most reputed school, Anand Niketan.

Last year on September 3, as soon as the school had announced the schedule for examination, the school administration received an anonymous mail, in which they were threatened if exams are not canceled, the photos of the school girls will be morphed and will be made viral . The administration received a second mail in which the morphed pornographic pictures of 4 girls of the school were attached wherein it was written that this is just a sample, if the examinations are not canceled then they he will not take a minute to post a slumber. Following this, a stir was caused among the parents and school and after which the school also made a complaint in the cybercrime department, as well as the mid-term exam was canceled, the same drama by this criminal in the month of December in the tenth and twelfth board preliminary examinations Even after the cancellation was done, the school succumbed to this criminal and canceled the examinations.

During this period, all efforts made by the cybercrime department and the private experts hired by the school to find this culprit did not bring to any result. The school thought that the culprit has now gone underground and continued with the exams. However, when the school decided to hold exams, the cyber criminal once again became active.

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In another mail, he demanded school to cancel the board exams of class 12 and also added that the school should not hold any online class till June.  When the school ignored this, the criminal crashed into the online class of class XII of the school on Wednesday i.e. March 31, 2021 with the name of 1 absentee student, and shared pornographic morphed images of some girls of the school.

After this, the school has written to all the parents, informing them that they should not panic and do not share these images with anyone, they also informed that the cyber crime unit has also been informed about this.

Principal Binu Thomas has said that this is definitely the work of a professional criminal who wants to tarnish the reputation of the school, so when the school was not intimidated by him, he started targeting the children.

Meanwhile, parents are very scared, they do not understand whether to keep their children in school or not. They are also asking questions such as why the cybercrime department is equipped with so many resources that even the cyber crime branch hasn’t been able to capture him. The school administration is saying that they have been told that this criminal is using the dark web, so it is difficult to access this.

The cybercrime unit is waiting for this criminal to make one mistake, but in this middle of this, this unknown criminal has sent mail to the school seventeen times in the last seven months, in which in many mails, it is pornographic of school girls and many teachers. 

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