Mother Dairy increases its milk prices by Rs 1; know the current rates

Mother Dairy Milk Price: The common people have been hit hard by inflation. Now Mother Dairy has increased its milk prices. In Delhi-NCR, Mother Dairy has decided to raise the price of full cream milk by Rs 1 per litre and token milk by Rs 2 per litre. The new rates will go into effect on Monday.

Largest suppliers to Delhi-NCR

Mother Dairy provides more than 30 lakh litres of milk per day in Delhi-NCR. It is one of the largest suppliers to the Delhi-NCR, with a volume of more than 30 lakh litres. Mother Dairy has raised milk prices for the fourth time this year. According to a company spokesperson, Mother Dairy has raised the price of full cream milk by Rs 1 to Rs 64 per litre.

Household budget hit hard

Prices for 500 mL packs remain unchanged. The good news is that Mother Dairy’s prices for full cream milk in 500 mL packs have not changed. Explain that starting Monday, token milk (bulk milk) will be sold at Rs 50 per litre instead of Rs 48 per litre. Mother Dairy has raised milk prices at a time when other food products are also rising in price. Because, as previously stated, food inflation is already at a high level, this is bound to exacerbate the common man’s household budget.

Demand-supply affects price

The demand-supply imbalance Even after the holiday season, the milk supply-demand gap persists. As a result, the price of raw milk has risen even further. As a result, Mother Dairy has expressed its compulsion for increasing the burden on customers by changing the prices of some milk variants. According to Mother Dairy, the price change will allow the company to provide quality milk to consumers while also paying farmers a fair price. Mother Dairy returns approximately 75-80% of the amount paid by milk consumers to the producers.

The increase in the cost of procuring raw milk from dairy farmers has been attributed by Mother Dairy to the increase in the cost of procuring raw milk from dairy farmers. According to the company’s spokesperson, there has been a significant gap between milk demand and supply in the dairy industry this year. According to the company, increased feed and fodder costs, as well as erratic monsoons, have hampered raw milk availability. This has put downward pressure on raw milk prices. According to Mother Dairy, the demand for processed milk has increased. Milk prices have risen as a result of all of this.

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