Monsoon may reach Kerala tomorrow … Know India’s 2021 rainfall pattern

New Delhi: The Monsoon may reach Kerala on June 3 this year, two days after the scheduled date. The Meteorological Department (IMD) had earlier predicted that the monsoon may reach Kerala on May 31.

However, earlier it was also estimated to be 4 days ahead of schedule. On Sunday, the Meteorological Department (IMD) said that the monsoon would reach Kerala on June 3. It has currently reached somewhere around the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Kerala has been receiving pre-monsoon rains for the last 3 days.

According to the Meteorological Department (IMD), conditions have started forming in the state for the Southwest Monsoon to reach Kerala on June 3. The Monsoon is arriving here later than normal. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) said on Wednesday that rains have increased over Kerala and westerly winds are blowing in the lower levels of South Arabian Sea. 

According to satellite images, Kerala coast and adjoining southeast Arabian Sea are cloudy. The IMD said that the situation is forecast to become more favorable to Monsoon with further increase in rainfall over Kerala in the next 24 hours.

When will monsoon reach your state?

According to the Meteorological Department (IMD), the monsoon will move forward after knocking in Kerala. The Monsoon is likely to arrive in Maharashtra and Telangana on June 11. The Monsoon may reach West Bengal on June 12 and Odisha on June 13. After this the monsoon will move towards Jharkhand and Bihar. The Monsoon is likely to arrive in Jharkhand on June 14. On June 16, monsoon will enter Bihar and Chhattisgarh. 

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According to the forecast of the Meteorological Department (IMD), on June 20, the monsoon will enter Uttarakhand and Madhya Pradesh. The Monsoon is likely to arrive in Uttar Pradesh on June 23 this year. The Monsoon may reach Gujarat on June 26. 

This time there is a possibility of the monsoon reaching the national capital Delhi and adjoining Haryana on June 27. After Delhi, the monsoon will move towards Punjab. It is expected to come here by May 28. Finally, on June 29, the monsoon can reach Rajasthan.

How will the monsoon be this time?

According to the weather agency Skymet, India receives an average of 880.6 mm of rain during the four months of the monsoon, which is called the Long Period Average (LPA). That is, 880.6 mm of rain is considered to be 100 percent. There is a possibility of 907 mm of rain this year. That is, the monsoon can be normal or better across the country. If the agency’s estimate proves to be correct, then it will be a good monsoon in India for the third year in a row. 

The Meteorological Department (IMD) has also predicted normal rainfall for the entire country this year. The department has said that the LPA is expected to rain from 96 to 104 percent across the country.

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