Monsoon Is The Most Confusing Season When It Comes To Picking An Attire. Things To Keep In Mind

The month of July is the arrival of monsoons in most parts of the country. The onset of the southwest monsoon witnessed a slight delay in the northern half of the country, yet, mid-July has marked a few monsoon spells in the region.

The arrival of the monsoon brings relief to the hot and humid and freshens the ambiance. The weather around July-September is extremely pleasant, despite the humidity, the temperature seldom crosses the mark of 40 degrees mark, and extreme humidity results in rain.

There are always two sides to a coin, with a pleasant climate causing respite to humidity, monsoon causes mud and mire all over the streets. Monsoons are also favorable to bugs, mosquitoes, and several insects which can cause numerous health-related issues.

Monsoon, no doubt, creates an environment of calmness, where there is neither extreme heat nor extreme cold. Despite all goods that the monsoon brings, there can be no denial of the fact that the Monsoon is the season that confuses one the most on ‘What To Wear?’ An attire that can help one avoid all the mud, and insects, at the same time, protect one from the weather which can be a little too humid and also a little chilly sometimes.

If you are someone who gets troubled picking up the perfect attire during these rainy times, this article is for you! You need to keep a few things in mind while choosing an attire for going out!

Dos And Don’ts While Stepping Out During Monsoon

Go For Loose Fits: No season is as unpredictable as monsoons, no one knows when will it rain and when will it be humid again. In order to play safe go for the loose-fitting options available in your wardrobe. Loose fits never disappoint in the monsoon, they provide perfect coverings and protection in all possible weather conditions during monsoons.

Keep A Scarf With You: Keeping or adding a scarf to your outfit can be beneficial for numerous reasons during monsoons. A scarf can help even if it’s raining outside, it can also help when it’s hot and humid outside. Having a scarf during this season is bliss.

Opt for Comfortable Footwear: Heels, sandals, and expensive shoes can be a disappointment this season. Waterlogged, and overflooded streets are waiting for you to destroy huge footwear investments. Hence, opt for something that is comfortable and has a good grip to support slippery paths and slopes.

Avoid White and Light Colours: There is no denial of the fact that white is the most serene and favorable colour that is available in the daily attire options, but attention, white can be a little problematic during Monsoons. The rainy season is a season where streets are overflooded and the surrounding is full of mud and dust, in such a season, a colour like white should be avoided as there are higher chances of acquiring strong muddy stains.

Avoid Thick Clothes: Clothes made up of thick clothing materials can cause trouble if get wet, as they would take a long to dry. Also, thick clothing materials make one’s skin unable to breathe, so if the climate outside is hot and humid, one would suffocate wearing them.

Avoid Long Trousers or Skirts: Long flowing skirts and trousers can soil easily, so it is usually suggested not to wear long-length bottoms. Avoiding long bottoms doesn’t mean that the season is ideal for mini and short bottom apparels available, this season is the abode of several insects, hence, covering legs is required.

The rainy season is certainly not ideal for what we generally consider glamour, one needs to create one’s own style while keeping all the concerns in mind. Keep these Do’s and Don’ts in your mind while stepping outside, do not let the constraints of this season restrict your freedom, and make smarter choices.

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