Monkeypox Virus: Know all about monkeypox guidelines by central govt

Monkeypox Virus: The central government has issued a new guideline regarding the monkeypox virus. The guidelines issued by the government for monkeypox patients and their contacts include a 21-day isolation. The government has said that it is necessary for the infected to wear masks, follow hand hygiene, and keep the wounds completely covered. Along with this, waiting for the patients to fully recover to go out in normal life has also been included in this.

According to the guidelines issued by the central government, health workers who have come in unprotected contact with monkeypox patients or contaminated material need not be out of duty without symptoms. He will have to be under observation for 21 days.

As per the guidelines, the infected person should wear a triple layer mask. Also the patient should be completely covered with skin lesions to minimize the risk of contact with others.

According to the guidelines issued by the government, patients should remain in isolation until all the wounds have healed and the scabs have completely fallen off. While explaining the process of contact identification, an official said that a person who comes in face-to-face or direct physical contact with the infected, or comes in contact with contaminated material such as clothing or bedding, should be considered as primary contact. is taken as considered.

An official said that the people in contact have been asked to self-monitor their symptoms and be in touch with the district surveillance teams. People who came in contact should keep themselves in a separate room. Mask should be used. These people should keep cleaning their hands from time to time while following the physical distance. The official said that people in contact should not donate blood, cells, tissues, organs or semen during surveillance.

It is known that in the past, a case of monkeypox was reported in the national capital Delhi, due to which the number of patients of this disease has increased to four in the country. Monkeypox infection usually manifests with fever, headache, rash for three weeks, sore throat, cough, and swollen lymph nodes. Symptoms include sores on the body, which usually appear within one to three days after the onset of fever. These sores last for about two to four weeks. During this, there is itching in the body and there is a lot of pain.

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