Money Exchange: Get 40,000 in minutes instead of 1 rupee note, know how

New Delhi: have you ever thought that in exchange for 1 rupee you’ll become a millionaire overnight. Yes, while giving or taking some rupees to a shopkeeper, we don’t take under consideration this stuff that what are often the worth of a little note after years. Notes and coins grow old, the more their value goes on increasing. 

Some websites can get you up to 40 thousand rupees for 1 rupee note. Many of us are keen on collecting old notes and coins. Whose price are often found in lakhs of rupees after a few years. One such note is from 1935 before India’s independence. The note bears the photo of King George Fifth and therefore the signature of JW Kelly. Imagine if you’ve got some such rare notes then you’ll become a millionaire overnight. 

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There are many of us in India who are keen on buying Lucky Numbers and Rare Collection Notes. Many such people are able to spend lakhs and crores for these lucky charms. As results of this, the worth of old notes is increasing day by day within the online market. Similarly, a note of Rs 10 denomination signed by RBI Governor CD Deshmukh of 1943 can finish up to Rs 45,000. 

With this, you’ll find many such people that are desperately trying to find 786 digit note. Many of us consider these numbers auspicious. If you’ve got any such note which has this number, then you’ll earn lakhs sitting reception by selling it online. 

There is also tons of demand for the old 2 rupee note. People are trying to find tons more especially for the pink colored two rupee note. But 786 is written during this note, if so then what to say? People are able to spend lakhs for this. Sites like eBay, CoinBazaar, Indian Old Coin and click on India are trying to find these notes and sometimes bidding. 

On the ClickIndia site, you’ll find a link to sell it direct on WhatsApp also. On this you’ll register as a seller and sell the note near you. You do not get to travel anywhere to sell them. You directly register yourself as a seller then upload the photo of the note you’ve got. Then people will contact you on their own. Immediately the worth of this old two rupee note is quite 80 thousand. watching its demand, it’s expected to cross one lakh soon.

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