Mockery of coronavirus guidelines as Delhi Metro resumes service

New Delhi: On Monday, as soon as Delhi was unlocked, the rules and regulations laid down for the prevention of coronavirus infection were flouted enmasse.

Be it metro or market, rules were seen breaking everywhere. People thronged the busy markets, the roads were jammed. There was also a crowd of people more than the prescribed capacity in the metro.

The Delhi Metro had already announced that people will not be allowed to travel standing in the trains. Apart from this, the Delhi Metro had announced that every alternate seat will be occupied, but all these rules were flouted with impunity. People were seen standing and traveling in every coach of the metro.

In fact, about a month after its operations were stopped due to the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, the Delhi Metro was back on track from Monday. All 10 lines of the Delhi Metro resumed services today, but in view of the coronavirus pandemic, the operation was approved with 50 percent less passengers than the capacity. 

The arrangement for traveling by sitting only in the metro coach was already announced, according to which people had to leave one seat and sit, but all these rules were left in abeyance. It was also decided that no passenger would stand and travel at all, but all these became redundant due to the rush of massive crowds.

About 300 passengers travel in a metro coach, each coach has about 50 seats. Now only 25 passengers will be able to travel in one coach. In this way, about 200 passengers will be able to travel in eight-coach metro and about 150 passengers in six-coach metro. The total network of Delhi Metro is 348 km and has 253 stations. There are total 682 gates at these stations, out of which only 260 gates will open. Only one gate will be open at each station.

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According to the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), metro is being provided at stations at intervals of five to 15 minutes on the first two days, which is twice more than on normal days. There are 330 metro trains in the network of Delhi Metro. 

Around 10 percent of the trains remain in reserve. About 300 metro trains operate on normal days, but now only about 150 metro trains will land on the track, which will make about two and a half thousand trips. DMRC spokesperson Anuj Dayal said that the frequency of the metro will be increased from Wednesday. 


Delhi Metro operations have been closed since May 10. The operations of the Delhi Metro was closed for about five and a half months last year.

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