Millions offer ‘arghya’ to rising Sun as Chhath festival concludes

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Devotees perform ‘Usha Arghya’ on last day of Chhath Puja.

On the last day of the four-day-long Chhath festival, devotees gathered on the bank of ghats across the country to perform the ‘Usha Arghya’ (prayers to the rising sun). Devotees across Delhi, Maharashtra, Bihar and Jharkhand gathered on ghats to offer prayers.

Speaking to ANI, Sunita, a devotee from Delhi said, “We are doing fasting today for Lord Sun and will offer prayers. We were also singing Chhath puja songs here to celebrate the festival.”

“We all are feeling very good today. Everybody is worshipping together. During this festival, we prepare traditional food and offer prayers to Lord Sun with it only,” another devotee from Delhi, Madhvi said.

A large number of devotees offered ‘Suryoday Arag’ to Surya Dev on the last day of the 4-day Chhath puja festival at an artificial pond in the Kurla area of Mumbai.

A devotee, Sunita said that Chhath Puja is the day of Lord Sun and people gather on ghats to celebrate this festival.”We do fast for the happiness of our husband, children and the whole family. We have been waiting since 3 am for Sunrise so that we can offer prayers,” another devotee from Charmati said.

In Bihar, devotees gathered on the banks of Ganga river at Patipul Ghat in Patna to perform Chhath puja.Devotees in Jharkhand’s Ranchi reached Hatania Talab to offer prayers to Surya Dev today.

This year, the Chhath festival began on November 8 with the ‘Nahai Khai’ ritual and will conclude on November 11 with devotees performing ‘Usha Arghya’ (prayers to the rising sun).

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