Milkha Singh: A life of unfulfilled dreams, unrealised ambition

Chandigarh: Although Milkha Singh achieved a lot of things during his life, but one of his dreams remained unfulfilled and he left this mortal world with the pain of this unrealised ambition in his heart.

Padma Shri Milkha Singh also known by the apt nickname of ‘Flying Sikh’ often said that before leaving for the Rome Olympics, he had participated in at least 80 races around the world, winning 77 of those, which became a record.

Milkha had narrowly missed a medal at Rome Olympics

He used to tell that the whole world was expecting that Milkha would win the 400 meters race in Rome Olympics. 

“I could not win the medal because of my mistake. I have been waiting for so many years that some other Indian can do what I missed. But no Indian athlete has won a medal in the Olympics,” he used to lament.

Athletes need one role model

Milkha Singh used to say that if he had won a medal at the Rome Olympics in 1960, athletes would emerge from every household of India, just like what is happening in Jamaica today. 

“I not only missed out on winning a medal in Rome, but I also missed out on giving a role model and a dream to this country. Athletes like PT Usha and Shriram Singh also missed out on Olympic medals. The country had high hopes from them. If we had won medals, then the youth would have the same attraction towards athletics as hockey during Dhyan Chand’s time and cricket after winning the Cricket World Cup in 1983. I have been waiting for so many years, but my wait is not over,” he saiid.

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Athletics would have got importance like cricket

Milkha Singh often used to complain from every forum that cricket is played by only 10 to 14 countries, despite this it is given more coverage by the media. But athletics is played by more than 200 countries, but still it is given less importance than cricket. 

“So we have to understand the importance of athletics,” he said.

Milkha Singh had high hopes from athlete Hima Das at the Tokyo Olympics. In this regard, he also gave her preparation tips.

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