MG Gloster: Know its 5 specialties


New Delhi: 

SUV is being admired in a lot in India, because SUV is the vehicle in which a family enjoys their trip by sitting comfortably. Similarly, in the SUV segment comes the MG Gloster, which has been performing well in the MG Gloster market and has completed one year in the Indian market, equipped with modern features. Let us tell you about the top 5 features of this SUV.


The Advanced Driver Assistant System (ADAS) has been given in the MG Gloster. This is a set of active safety equipment. This helps the driver to avoid accidents and reduce the chances of getting into an accident. According to MG, this has made the Gloster one of the safest SUVs that are in demand these days. The ADAS system comes with adaptive cruise control and hands free automatic parking. 

It is the first premium SUV to come with Level 1 autonomous driving technology. Overall it should be kept in mind that these systems will only help and will not drive tone to auto.

Off-road capability

The Gloster is fitted with an excellent chassis, due to which there is no hesitation in the vehicle. Its carrying capacity is also quite advanced. It has an electronic rear differential lock. This means that power can be transferred to the wheels. It doesn’t matter to them where the other wheel is and in what condition. For example, when the rear wheel of a vehicle is stuck in mud or mud and the other wheels are not moving

So in this situation the car continuously throws the thrown soil all around. With this setup, the movement of the wheel increases and the vehicle moves forward.

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Hands-free automatic cooking

Oversized cars are a big headache to park on the busy streets of cities and around the city. MG Gloster realized this problem and presented the best solution to the consumers. The sensors and cameras on the MG Gloster automatically detect the parking space and allow it to park the car parallelly and vertically as per the demand of the position.

The driver only has to follow the instructions on the Large Color Information Display.

Adaptive cruise control

Cruise control is one point, which is very important for new drivers while driving on the highway. To use cruise control, drivers have to set the requested speed limit. The car does the rest. This system stops working when you apply the brakes of the vehicle.

As a result the point is not practical and it is not profitable to drive on the highway in India, because there are enough speed breakers on the road and there is no way to predict the traffic in advance, where, on which road, how much traffic will be found. 

However, Adaptive Cruise Control monitors oncoming traffic on the road with its radar and cameras and maintains a safe distance. This system automatically changes the cruise speed as per the demand and there is no need for the driver to adjust it again and again.

Engine and performance

Coming to the engine, the MT Gloster gets power from a 2.0-litre diesel engine that is capable of producing 215 Bhp of maximum power and 480 Nm of peak torque. Eight Speed Automatic Transmission Unit comes as standard. The Gloster offers 7 modes to the driver holding the steering wheel.

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There are essential driving modes like Sports and Eco. The driver can choose any mode to drive on snow, dust and rocky roads. With this, the car can be driven very comfortably in different conditions. The Gloster can be driven even in waters up to 550 mm deep. Not only does this allow the vehicle to make its way into the springs and ponds, but it also allows the vehicle to be easily pulled out of the waterlogged roads during the rainy season.


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