Metropolitan Regions Of Country Now Opening Up To Sustainable Fashion Trends: Unnati Malharkar 

Metropolitan Regions Of Country Now Opening Up To Sustainable Fashion Trends: Unnati Malharkar 

New Delhi: Despite the concept of fashion influencing being around us for quite a long time, the digitally transforming world has now started identifying their favourite fashion influencers and changemakers who excel in showcasing their talent and creativity online.

However, in the era of fast-moving digital industry, only a few make it through the clutter. Unnati Malharkar is one such fashion content creator who not just attracts you with her unique craft but also makes it easy for you to fulfill all your fashion needs and queries.

Speaking about some latest trends in fashion industry, Unnati said that fashion trends are among the fastest-changing ones that change every couple of months.

Unlike before, people are willing to experiment with fashion without any hesitation. “People are open to trying all new trends and pick what suits their comfort. We are erasing the boundaries of limiting ourselves and going with the flow. The metropolitan regions in the country are also opening up to sustainable fashion trends like thrifting. It is exciting to see how we are changing with the changing trends,” Unnati said.

Fashion Industry In Post-Covid Era

Reeling under the years-long episode of Covid-19 pandemic that still continues to dominate India and rest of the world, the fashion influencer said that pandemic has had a major effect on the fashion industry with DIY and sustainable fashion taking limelight.

“People have started reusing their old outfits and giving them a twist by either styling them differently or repurposing them. Thanks to social media platforms, the crowd also started supporting small businesses that often have very unique collection,” Unnati added.

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Further speaking about what made her choose fashion influencing as a professional career, Unnai said she was always more inclined toward the industry even before pursuing the genre as a content creator.

“When I started my social media journey, I experiments with multiple genres. But because of my love for fashion, I found my niche in this genre,” she said.

How India Stands Out In Fashion Compared To Western World?

Unnai pointed out that India’s diversity in terms of fashion i.e. state and region-wise differences in outfit style makes it stand out from the rest of the world. “The authenticity of our culture truly stands out compared to other nations. Also, today, the youth is willing to experiment with all types of outfits and styles including traditional. That’s what sets us apart,” she said.

In terms of fashion choice between street-side fashion and branded outlets, Unnai believes people do not prefer just one style but is a fine mix of both. “There are no boundaries anymore. People could still wear a high-end fashion brand along with an item of a small business,” she said. 

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