Meditation and spirituality can transform the life: Rohit Sahoo


New Delhi:  Rohit Sahoo is on a mission to help millions of people uncover their soul and awaken them to their innate spiritual power, harnessing which they can heal themselves from their unhealed traumas, manifest their dreams and transform their life.

He harbors a conviction that each one of us enters life as immensely powerful beings. However, as we grow older – we might find that the power of our soul, has been increasingly constrained by the cloak of our limiting beliefs, unhealed traumas and the coping mechanisms which we exercise as means to keep ourselves safe . Notwithstanding this fact, our inherent powers are still present, ready to be accessed by us at any time.

Rohit believes that through practicing meditation, we can tap into our unlimited potential, heal and liberate ourselves from the shackles of our limiting beliefs and unhealed trauma. Once released from these shackles, we then truly begin to perceive the transcendent intelligence and power inherent in us.

While he was growing up, Rohit’s experiences instilled in him an extraordinary depth & a keen sense of curiosity, which he has been continuously channelling in his ongoing spiritual journey. One experience, which has left a profound impact on Rohit, was his mother’s indomitable fight against brain tumour on two separate instances, which she eventually won through her sheer perseverance & will.

Witnessing his mother’s ability to exercise grace, faith & determination in her successful fight against brain tumour, inevitably left a profound impact on him. From an early age, he began to delve into the deeper dimensions of human existence, such as what it really means to be a human, what is our purpose of life, whether divine really exists, why is there suffering in life & what are the means by which we can manifest lasting joy in our life.

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This overwhelming sense of inquisitiveness inevitably led Rohit to immerse himself in reading spiritual texts, spanning across all religious traditions which led him to an understanding  that the highest  truth is one, though it has distilled down to humanity through the varying streams of religions and mystical traditions.

By studying the spiritual texts, he also realized that by harnessing the ancient spiritual principles and practices such as meditation and breath work, we can experience joy and inner peace in our modern lives.

In a nutshell, he found that spirituality is as much relevant to a modern society as it was to our ancient civilisation.It’s not a coincidence that findings from modern science continue to validate the benefits of spiritual practices, such as meditation & breath work.

Science Divine, the spiritual movement spearheaded by Rohit’s Guru – Sakshi Shree, has been at the forefront of spreading the joy of meditation across India and has been tirelessly providing free education and life of dignity to thousands of poor children, who would have otherwise been condemned to a life of exploitation and ignominy.

As advised by his guru, Rohit has been dedicatedly teaching meditation & breath work to tens of thousands of people across the globe, through both physical means and online channels for free.

first published:April 5, 2022, 9:39 p.m.

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