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Manya Singh, daughter of an autorickshaw driver, becomes Femina Miss India 2020 runner-up

New Delhi: The results of the VLCC Femina Miss India 2020 has been declared. Manasa Varanasi from Telangana was crowned the winner of the VLCC Femina Miss India 2020 while Haryana’s Manika Sheokand bagged VLCC Femina Miss Grand India 2020 title and Manya Singh became the runner-up of the pageant. 

As soon as the results of the pageant were declared, Manya Singh, who hails from Uttar Pradesh started creating a lot of buzz online. After her victory, Manya took to her social media handle to express her gratitude. She shared a pic of her parents and wrote, ”I worship them.’

Earlier, in December, Manya shared a post and wrote, “My blood, sweat, and tears have amalgamated into courage to pursue my dreams.”

Manya was born in Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh. She through her social media post shared that she grew up in tough circumstances. She also revealed that she has spent a lot of nights without food or sleep. She used to walk miles in order to save a few rupees. She is the daughter of an autorickshaw driver.  

An Instagram post of Manya read, ”Manya Omprakash Singh was born in Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh- the land chosen by the Gods for their incarnation. She has imbibed the same value of unconditional love and respect for people irrespective of their background as the many folklores of her state. She believes that education is the strongest weapon one can have with themselves at all times. Keeping this in mind, she is now preparing for further education in Management studies. Doted on by her mother, she has won the Best Student award during her HSC. She has struggled a lot in life till date, from not being able to pay her school fees, not being able to afford books and being neglected by her classmates for being an auto driver’s daughter. She was called “not good-looking” and was disregarded by others for not being able to speak fluently like others. However, it was this very difficult time in her life that helped her and pushed her towards her passion to work harder. Her journey is an inspiration to everyone because she is someone who has very humble roots, but that doesn’t stop her from making her way to achieving her dream and writing her own destiny.”

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