Mandana Karimi slammed for twerking in burqa; netizens bash her saying ‘don’t disrespect hijab’ | VIDEO


Mandana Karimi

Mandana Karimi is facing the social media ire for her recent Instagram post. The actress who was most recently seen in Kangana Ranaut‘s reality show Lock Upp posted a video wherein she’s twerking in a burqa. Mandana shared a BTS (behind-the-scenes) video from her shoot in Instanbul. Angry netizens claim that it is inappropriate and a ‘disrespect to hijab’. The actress was shopping when the video was shot with The Beatnuts’ Se Acabo Remix playing in the backdrop.

Posting the Instagram Reel, Mandana wrote, “I wish shooting with hijab was as easy as this BTS NO HATES just bunch of people making a film .. #istanbul #hijab (sic).”

Mandana Karimi trolled

The video is facing flack from netizens. “Shame! Do not disrespect hijab like this. Atleast, think once before doing such actions!” an Instagram user commented. Another said, “Please don,t make fun of hijab.” A third one noted, “Dance but twerking in hijab is extreme.”

There were also many who came in support of her and slammed those targeting Mandana. “Dont pay attention to those hateful comments there is nothing wrong in what you are doing.” Another one said, “There’s absolutely no problem in dancing while wearing hijab.” Echoing similar sentiments a third one wrote, “don’t spread hate in the name of religion.”

Mandana Karimi’s shocking revelation

On Lock Upp, Mandana Karimi revealed that she had an abortion and also opened up about her relationship with a well-known director. When on the show she was asked to share a secret Mandana talked about her secret affair with an ace director. She said that their relationship became very strong in a few months and he planned to settle down with her but they decided to keep it secret because she was awaiting divorce from her ex.

In fact, she got pregnant with his child and when he came to know about this reality he just backed off. He also asked her friend to convince her for abortion. He kept giving multiple reasons and denied taking care of the baby so she had to be strong and go through an abortion.

Mandana said: “I didn’t want to give birth to a child when he is not aware of his father”.

Mandana Karimi is yet to respond to the hate comments she received on the video.

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