Man tracks girlfriend with Apple Watch, get arrested


New Delhi: Apple recently upgraded its AirTags with more security and anti-stalking services. This is because people started using them for many other things including spying on people. Apple probably didn’t know that the Apple Watch could be used as a stocking device.

A man living in Nashville, Tennessee in the US has been arrested for using an Apple Watch to track the location of his girlfriend. He attached the Apple Watch to the wheel of his girlfriend’s car and used a third-party tracking app to track her location.

29-year-old Lawrence Welch has been accused of attaching an electronic tracking device to the vehicle. 

As reported by WSMV4, Police Safety received a call and rushed to the Family Safety Center, who told them that the victim’s boyfriend had come there. During this, security arrangements were being made for the victim. The victim claimed that Welch had threatened to kill her several times and that she had been going to the safety center for a long time.

Welch was able to track him down with an app called Life360. The victim told police that she and her boyfriend Welch used Life360 to track each other’s locations, but turned off tracking on the app before going to the Family Safety Center. She said that her boyfriend said that he had asked her to share his location.

Police said that after arriving at the Family Safety Center, Welch did not enter the building. Rather he started looking at the wheels and when he saw him doing this, the officers went to him. He saw an Apple Watch in the wheelbarrows. Welch confirmed to police that the watch was his.

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Apparently, Welch kept her Apple Watch active even when the victim closed her Life360 app. Then, he used the app to track the location of his girlfriend.

Airtags were used in most incidents of spying and stalking of people last year and earlier this year. Apple received several complaints from people who said they were being followed through Airtags. Although Apple rolled out anti-stalking features to AirTags, it now looks like it will have to find a way to limit tracking on the Apple Watch.

first published:March 30, 2022, 12:24 a.m.

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