Man kills brother for land, friends take selfie with severed head

In a distressing instance from Jharkhand’s Khunti region, a 20-year-old youngster allegedly killed his 24-year-old cousin in the Murhu area, and his companions snapped a “selfie” with the deceased’s severed head. According to the authorities, the murder was carried out because of a land dispute.

According to a news agency, the primary accused, along with his wife and others, were involved in a murder plot. Six persons have been arrested by police. Last December, the deceased’s father filed a FIR against all of them at Dasai Munda.

The victim’s father stated in the FIR that his son Kanu Munda was alone in the residence on the day of the murder. The remaining members of the family went to work in the fields.

When the father returned in the evening, the locals informed him that Kanu had been kidnapped by his nephew Sagar Munda and his friends. The family members worked hard to find Kanu but were unable. Defeated, the 55-year-old father went to the police station and filed a FIR.

Body found in Kumang Gopla forest

Following this, a search squad led by Khunti Sub-Divisional Police Officer Amit Kumar was created to apprehend the culprits. Chudamani Tudu, the in-charge of Murhu police station, stated that the police squad arrived to the Kumang Gopla forest while pursuing the accused. They found Kanu’s torso there. While his head was found 15 kilometres away in the Dulva Tungri area.

Selfie with severed head

According to the officer, the accused took a selfie with the deceased’s severed head. They were found with two blood-stained sharp weapons, an axe, and an SUV. Five mobile phones, including Kanu Munda’s, have also been discovered.

The officer stated that the families of the deceased and the accused had a long-standing feud over a plot of land. At the moment, this appears to be the cause for the murder. However, the true reason for such heinous murder will be revealed only after an investigation.

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