Mamata Banerjee tried to influence voting during West Bengal Election 2021, says BJP leader Suvendu Adhikari

Ajeyo Basu

LAST UPDATED: April 2, 2021, 10:28 a.m.

Nandigram (West Bengal): BJP leader Shuvendu Adhikari made explosive remarks against Trinamool Congress (TMC) supremo Mamata Banerjee as soon as the voting in Nandigram was over in the second phase of West Bengal Election 2021.

BJP leader Shuvendu Adhikari claimed that Mamata Banerjee had tried to rig the polling by pressuring a government official on duty. He even claimed that the BJP’s symbol on the EVM was replaced with the TMC symbol overnight. 

In an interview to PTI, Shuvendu Adhikari claimed that booth rigging was planned to defeat the BJP in the Arambagh constituency of West Bengal in the last Lok Sabha elections and that it was the brainchild of the Trinamool Congress (TMC) supremo Mamata Banerjee.

“Mamata Banerjee unethically pressured the DM and SDO to help the Trinamool Congress (TMC). In Arambagh, the BJP candidate lost because the votes of 16 EVMs were not counted. The BJP won Jhargram and Purulia district councils. But instead of the BJP sticker of the lotus symbol in the EVM overnight, the sticker of the symbol of the TMC was put in that place,” he said.

Such explosive remarks by Shuvendu Adhikari caused a stir in the polling station.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Shuvendu Adhikari said he would be victorious from Nandigram and claimed that Trinamool Congress (TMC) supremo Mamata Banerjee has decided to contest from a minority-dominated constituency in Birbhum district during the final phase of the West Bengal Election 2021.

“Mamata Banerjee is losing her political ground in West Bengal. She is doing a lot of drama. I am aware that now she will announce her candidature from a minority-dominated seat in Birbhum district during the last phase of the West Bengal Election 2021,” he said.

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Other BJP leaders have claimed that apart from Birbhum, Mamata Banerjee is also considering a constituency in Kolkata. 

The TMC categorically rejected the BJP’s allegations and denied that West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee will contest from another constituency. 

“There is no confusion, Mamata Banerjee is winning Nandigram. She is not contesting from any other seat. This is a dirty trick of the BJP. There is nothing to clarify, because she is winning Nandigram and Trinamool Congress (TMC) is winning West Bengal,” TMC leader Derek O’Brien said. 

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