Mamata Banerjee slams politicians for violence

Slamming the politicians for violence, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said on Thursday that “violence is not being created by persons from any religion, but by some politicians whose minds are like dustbins…I will never speak against any religion.”

While inaugurating a light and sound show and a museum after her return from New Delhi, following the Opposition meet, Banerjee said, “Dakshineswar is poised to become number one international tourist destination in West Bengal.”

“No one who is religious believes in riot but some greedy political leaders instigate them,” Banerjee said.

Talking about the immense cultural heritage of Dakshineswar Kali Temple, Banerjee said, that not many people knows that Rani Rashmoni was a freedom fighter she is an inspiration to all. “Dakshineswar is set to become number one international tourist destination. KMDA will give 10 crore rupees to Dakshineswar trustees for building a guest house. I have developed several temples and road leading to them.” West Bengal government has created a skywalk in Dakshineswar Kali Temple.

She also spoke about developmental project for the Kalighat temple. “I am building skywalk in Kalighat with an expenditure of Rs 300 crore. I have developed Tarapith, Tarakeshwar and other temples also.”

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