Male sex hormones may help treat breast cancer: study


LAST UPDATED: Jan. 21, 2021, 5:02 p.m.

NEW DELHI (DIVYA SAINI): Researchers from University of Adelaide have found that the positive role of androgens, the male sex hormones can be worked in breast cancer treatment. Androgen is also found in low quantity in women, Estrogen helps to stimulate the growth of breast at puberty and further. But the majority of breast cancer occurs due to abnormal estrogens.

While, in the new research published in the journal Nature Medicine showed that androgen can help in 

treatment of estrogen that will work positive for breast cancer.Using cell-line and patient-derived models, the researchers at the University of Adelaide and the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, demonstrated that androgen receptor activation by natural androgen or a new androgenic drug had potent anti-tumor activity in all estrogen receptor positive breast cancers.In contrast, androgen receptor inhibitors had no effect.”This work has immediate implications for women with metastatic estrogen receptor positive breast cancer, including those resistant to current forms of endocrine therapy,” said researcher Theresa Hickey, Associate Professor at the University of Adelaide.”We provide compelling new experimental evidence that androgen receptor stimulating drugs can be more effective than existing standard-of-care treatments and, in the case of the latter, can be combined to enhance growth inhibition,” said Wayne Tilley, Director of the Dame Roma Mitchell Cancer Research Laboratories, Adelaide Medical School, University of Adelaide.Androgens were previously used to treat breast cancer, but the treatment’s efficacy misunderstood.”The new insights from this study should clarify the widespread confusion over the role of the androgen receptor in estrogen receptor driven breast cancer,” said Elgene Lim, a breast oncologist and Head of the Connie Johnson Breast Cancer Research Lab at the Garvan Institute. “Given the efficacy of this treatment strategy at multiple stages of disease in our study, we hope to translate these findings into clinical trials as a new class of endocrine therapy for breast cancer.” Said Elgene Lim

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