Mahashivratri 2022: Perform These Abhishekas As Per Your Zodiac To Get Blessings Of Lord Shiva

Mahashivratri 2022: Perform These Abhishekas As Per Your Zodiac To Get Blessings Of Lord Shiva

Mahashivratri 2022: You can appease Lord Shiva by performing various types of abhishekas on Mahashivratri and worshipping according to the zodiac sign. You can perform puja as per your zodiac as well as perform various types of abhishekas to get the blessings of Lord Shiva. On the occasion of this Mahashivratri, Pandit Suresh Shrimali has explained in detail how you can bring happiness and peace in your home by pleasing Lord Bholenath. He also explained the different types of benefits one gets by performing different types of pujas. 

Pandit Suresh Shrimali said the following- 

Abhishek with Ganga Jal-
On the day of Mahashivratri, if one does Abhishek on Shivling with Ganga Jal, then the person gets all kinds of happiness and salvation. 

Abhishek with milk-
If one does abhishek on Shivlinga with milk, the person attains sharp and logical wisdom. If there is discord in the house due to any reason, it will end and there will be harmonious relations amongst the family members.

Abhishek with ghee-
On the special day of Mahashivratri, if one does abhishek on Shivling with ghee, then the progeny of that person expands and the person is free from all the illnesses. 
Abhishek with sugarcane juice-
Performing abhishek with sugarcane juice brings joy in life. 

Abhishek with honey- 
It is also believed that if a person is a patient of tuberculosis and performs abhishek with honey on the Shivling on Mahashivratri, then the person’s illness is completely cured.  

Abhishek with perfume-
If there is marital discord among couples, then on the day of Mahashivratri, performing abhishek with perfume, will bring back happiness. 

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Abhishek with water-
If a person is not able to perform the above-mentioned abhishek, then abhishek done with simple water with reverence is enough to please God and get his blessings. 

People of these zodiac signs should do these abhishek on Mahashivratri-

Taurus: Add mishri to raw milk and worship Lord Shiva, for the progress of the child and to get the blessings of goddess Lakshmi. 

Gemini: If you perform abhishek on Lord Shiva with bhang mixed milk, then your wishes will be fulfilled. You will progress in your profession and business.

Aries: Performing abhishek on Shiva Ji with the Kaner flower and honey will help you accomplish your task. 

Cancer: Performing abhishek with milk mixed with ghee and sugar, appeases Shiva and the devotees are blessed with wealth, happiness, and children. 

Leo: Performing abhishek with rose water-mixed milk will bring prestige in social work and increase the wealth of the devotees. 

Virgo: Performing abhishek with datura, ganja, shami, and curd will destroy the enemies of the devotee, and the devotee will be able to resume and progress in his stalled work. 

Libra: If abhishek is done with Panchamrit, it will improve the financial condition of the devotee, and children will be well-educated and successful. 

Scorpion: By performing abhishek with bilvapatra mixed in milk, there will be a pleasant atmosphere in the house and all suffering and sorrows will end.

Sagittarius: Performing abhishek by mixing Kaner flowers and honey in milk strengthens the relationship and brings progress in business. 

Capricorn: Performing abhishek with sugarcane juice will bring happiness, prosperity, and good health to the family  

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Aquarius: By performing abhishek with kheer, discord in the house will end and the child will take the righteous path.

Pisces: Performing abhishek by mixing bhang, tulsi, sugarcane juice, maulgiri, and kateli flowers in milk, eliminates all kinds of obstacles, removes fear, and brings success.

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