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Maharashtra: Massive fire in hospital claims lives of 10 babies

Mumbai: A painful accident has occurred in Bhandara district of Maharashtra. 

A fire occurred due to what is suspected to be a short circuit at the Bhandara District Hospital here. 

This fire started in the ward housing newborn babies. In this accident, 10 children were killed while 7 were saved.

The incident occurred at around 2 am. The nurse on duty was the first to notice the fire in the ward. During this period only 7 out of 17 infants could be saved.

It is being said that a lot of smoke was suddenly seen coming out of the out-borne unit of the hospital. When the nurse on the spot opened the door, a massive fire was seen and a huge amount of smoke was coming out. 

Immediately the officers as well as the fire brigade were informed and rescue operations were started with the help of common people.

The hospital administration suspect that an electrical short circuit could be the possible reason for the massive fire although the cause of the tragic incident was not known immediately.

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